The laundry needs to be done, but who has time for that?

The world, as I know it, looks like it might go down in flames if Donald Trump becomes president.   My countless hours of “research” on Netflix and YouTube about Preppers will help guide my efforts as I prepare for the potential dark times ahead.

My first priority:  a bug out bag.   For decades, I have been carrying a small form of one and didn’t even know.  I have always carried emergency cash, food, water, band-aids, beauty supplies, and other modern day necessities to help me prevent first world starvation (not having food immediately available for a hour or so), agitating my melasma, and running out of band-aids when someone scrapes their knees.  My current bag is big enough to be a day-bag and weighs a ton.  I’ll just throw in extras.

With the bug out bag taken care of, I need to  include defensive gears.  The pens and pencils I have in my bag look harmless enough, but it has been known to be mightier than the sword.  I accidentally stabbed myself one time while rummaging through my bag for the wallet.  I have gone through airport security without raising alarms – how little TSA knows!

Now, I have to convince and motivate the unbelievers that I live with, who have been the biggest threat to my plan for storing of provisions.  The cans of Spam just disappear as soon as I buy them.  Ditto for anything else delicious.  Same with wine or beer.  The cans of beans are untouched.  If they don’t stop raiding my supplies, we will be eating rice and salt, or cold canned beans.

Wish me luck guys!  Even if we can avert the D. Trump disaster, I still have to worry about the zombie apocalypse – I KNOW THAT ONE IS COMING, FOR SURE!

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