You Fat!

Asian woman says, “You fat!”

Anyone who knows an Asian woman intimately, will understand that, next to money, size is very important. No one is more critical and observant about this matter than an Asian woman. It’s not about your weight, how skinny you feel- it’s the size you are, the shape of you.

A size “2” is a respectable, standard size. “0” will raise eyebrows in silent admiration. “00” is darkly, secretly enviable, coveted.

Going up to a size “3”, for an Asian woman, will signal the alarm bells. Kind aunts and relations will simply state, “You fat.” There is no hurtful intention, just a simple, pure, honest observation that signals the need to do self examination and to be on guard. Asians pride themselves in honesty to their family, especially to their children. They will be brutally honest if they feel like they have to because they find it appalling to have their family, especially their children, make fools of themselves in public and bring shame to the family. (Note: very few Asian children will dare go on tv to make jackasses of themselves. Their parents, extended family, the whole Asian community are watching.)

Such honesty, should be appreciated, because when an aunt wails, “YOU FAT!”, Asians believe it. The world will be deceivingly polite. Friends will want to spare feelings. People will say soothing things like, “You are just pleasingly plump, big and beautiful, perfect the way you are…” But it takes the Asian family to tell the truth – the real truth that is in the mind of people when they look at a person, their body, their shape. Asians don’t buy into the self-delusion. There is no such words as “pleasingly plump” or “big and beautiful” in their vocabulary.

Asians trust their family because their family will not lie to them. If they do something stupid, they will be told so. They will get the total, unvarnished, “You stoo-pid!”, “Why you rob the bank?”, “Now you go to jail!”. There will be no the-devil-made-me-do-it defence. You rob the bank, you apologize, you go to jail.

Now going beyond size “3”, “4” and into the “6” and above will not get anyone jail time, but it will sentence the Asian woman to the constant, “You fat” until the message is heard and action is taken.

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