Sunday Crabbiness

Another Sunday to ruin my day. Sundays make me so damn irritable.

I can be anything, be with anyone, do anything any day of the week, except Sundays.

I hate Sundays because it is the one day where I am forced to be around people in a pompous parade of religion and hypocrisy. The one day where I feel forced and I don’t like being forced. The one day where I see myself trapped inside a building, for a predetermined, arbitrary time so that I can practice religion and worship God. Instead of being closer to God, I feel more distant.

On Sundays, I just want to retreat from the world and be left alone. I just want silence and solitude. I just want to shut myself away from the noise of humanity and listen to the silence. God speaks to me in silence. Why can’t people understand that? When I die, I want my angel to take me on a Sunday so I can really see God and worship Him on a true Sunday.

Until then, I will worship him Monday through Saturday in doing what I can do to be good and help my fellow man, and then struggle with bitterness and resentment on Sundays. God forgive me for being so crabby and backward.

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