Asian Pride!

Asians don’t care what the rest of the world does. They only care about what goes on in their world.

There is no in between in the Asian world. It’s DO or DO NOT – NO TRY! It’s either success or failure.

Did you make an A on the test? Yes or No.

You must get an A! You did not succeed unless you got an A. Asians are not interested B’s. Getting a B just means that you were lazy and laziness is unforgivable.

C’s are marks of failure. You bring shame to your family. No Asian will post a C grade on any refrigerator.

D’s don’t exist in the Asian mindset because it is unthinkable. D’s bring shame to your family and is an affront to ASIAN PRIDE!

If you dare to get an F, your one F has seriously set your race back 10,000 years. All 10,000 year’s worth of perfect A’s and extra credits are not enough to erase the blight of the one F. You bring shame to all Asians. You deserve to be disowned.

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