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Happy Holiday Greetings From The Clydesdales!

Happy Holidays to everyone! This past year has been a wild year, but we are thankful that we survived it. Verne, the kids, and I are doing well, now. Verne is safe and sound at home now. His flight home was uneventful, although his trip wasn’t. Who knew that he had such an imagination?

Somewhere back in March, Verne suffered a mid-life realization. He felt the need to find himself, and so he found himself gambling. The losses were small and big. After burning through all the saving accounts, he came to his senses and stop gambling. Then Verne realized he was missing the excitement and thrill of new things. Somehow, he managed to find himself chatting with another woman on-line. He fell in love with her, withdrew all his retirement money, took an international flight to Britain to meet her and start a new life. His secret woman turned out to a be man, who beat him up and robbed him of all the cash. Verne is recuperating at home. He has a bruised face, sore ribs, and lots of explaining to do. The kids and I still love him, but we are curious as to how much money do we still have left?

Despite the prospects of poverty, the kids are happy and cheerful. Our oldest, Stinker, made us proud this year. After years of obedience school, Stinker has finally graduated. In June, he received his “I Am Now a Good Dog” badge and the necessary obedience school certificate so he can go the Doggie Daycare while I go back to work. He no longer bites Verne’s leg and he plays nicely with Sweets, our other kid.

Sweets, is happier these days since Stinker is nicer to be around. Sweets is no longer afraid to share the couch with Stinker. He is very happy to have Verne back home. He follows Verne everywhere and snuggles with Verne. Sweets just adores Verne. He will have no problem at Doggie Daycare. His wonderful temperament and friendliness will help him make friends.

Verne will continue to work and I will soon be the daytime activities coordinator at the retirement home. We will try to make small vacations this year, but we will mostly stay at home. With work and the kids, our year looks pretty full.

Happy New Year!


Verne, Julie, Stinker, and Sweets

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    I love you and your active imagine nation

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