I have been given an assignment.  The topic is “Why My Husband Disdains Pop Music”.

I don’t know why my husband should disdain pop music.  There is no way I can explain or rationalize another’s likes or dislikes.  Granted, pop music isn’t all good, but it certainly isn’t all bad.  As long as pop music isn’t taken too seriously, then it should be enjoyed for the fun and entertainment value that it provides. 

Today’s pop music isn’t as good as the older pop.  I tell my children all the time that 80s music rocks!  And it does.  There is nothing academic or stuffy about that decade in music.  Trying to dissect any of that music is like trying to find intelligence in a beautiful woman that can’t count beyond 10, and overlooking qualities in her that liven up a party.

Who do you want at your party?  The lovely rocket scientist, cordial, polite,  who can talk incessantly about the latest rocket fuel technology, or the vivacious, smiling sprite that’s not interested in shoptalk but is interested in toasting to life. 

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