Lazy People

Hats off to the lazy people because they work the hardest.

Lazy people carry life like a packed mule – everything is heavy and burdensome to them, but they do manage to get things done, eventually, and maybe after much nagging. They don’t mean to be slow and reluctant, and they can’t “do” with what they weren’t given to “do” with. They don’t come with a spring to their steps, extra umphs to give, a second wind to push them along, or even the all that they got. They are the misunderstood, and under appreciated side of humanity that lives within us. They aren’t hard to find. There’s at least one in every family, maybe none in yours, but you can find plenty on your in-law’s side of the family and anywhere else that you look. And if there is one in your family, then maybe you can relate.

There really is never a spring to their steps, never a spontaneity to their movements, and never a urge to speed. Gravity’s pull affects them greater than other objects on earth. An object in motion will stay in motion until a force is acted upon it, and an object are rest will remain at rest until a force is acted upon it, that’s Sir Newton’s law of gravity. But with lazy people, they are as motionless as possible so there’s hardly a chance for any force to act upon them to cease movements. And when at rest, they will remain at rest even when a force to move. They are a wonder to boggle the mind, and a beautiful defiance to any laws.

When you don’t have a pep in your steps, then life is hard. Without that little umph to umph you along, then all energy is your own. And we all know that start-up is the costliest of energy exertion. So lazy people are not really “lazy” for lack of trying, they are justing slower because they are working harder to pull their own weight. And a nagging spouse is not considered an “umph” push, he or she is more like the horn blowing it’s noise at the slow cow blocking the road. For example: wind against the sail of a boat will move a boat quick, but only if it’s outside force. Meaning, that if a wind comes along, then the wind’s force will push the boat to movement. But if the wind is an inside force, like a fan on the boat, or a person sitting on the boat, blowing against the boat’s sail, then movement is slow and inefficient – affirming the position that lazy people are “doing” and moving, but on their own wind, on low speed, whenever they get to it.

The notion that lazy people are no good, good-for-nothing, free-loaders is wrong. Lazy people have a valuable place in society – they are the backbone of what makes us a progressive society. They are the factors that keep our economy going. If everyone was content to break their backs working harder, then everyone would either be chopping wood or hauling water. Thank God for the conviences of electric-everything and indoor plumbing. Thank God for the lazy man somewhere who decided that he was too lazy to find the outhouse in the dead of night, in the mist of winter, and that his lazy wife shouldn’t have to lay another finger on a nasty chamber pot for another moment.

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