Quick Dispute

The gathering of gentle folks and great minds can’t decide on the an appropriate form of entertainment. So tempers flare and words cut close to being personal. No one would listen to reason and everyone is too emotionally invested to see clearly. But if they all had been a little more observant and less argumentative, then the impending diaster could have been prevented.

While the children fought for their choice of movies to play, Mother pushed the “open” button on the DVD player to eject the present movie disc. In the seconds that followed, Mother’s attention was briefly shifted to the warring factions. But everything instantly ceased at the first “CRACK!”. When no one can agree, the baby quickly settled the disputes. She snapped the open DVD tray down as she was grabbing for the disc.

Everyone was silent to let the truth sink in, and then to allow a moment of silent mourning for a beloved appliance. The baby smiled. Mother quietly lifted up her child, and Father was brought in to examine the devastation. He quickly confirmed everyone’s suspicion, “It’s broke.”

Everyone received the news with a quiet sadness, and then looked at the clueless baby with an understanding pity – now the baby will grow up never knowing the pleasure of Disney cartoons, princess movies, any movies. Father quietly added, “DVD players are cheap these days.” The rest of the children sighed a collective breath of relief before filing out of the “tv room”. And Mother thanked her stars that she didn’t buy the PlayStation1 that the next door neighbor was trying to sell for $20. The baby has decided – PlayStation2 it will be. The kids can play video games and the game console will also play movies. Alls well that ends well.

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