ersity is a Good Thing

I appreciate diversity, the broad spectrum of the Christian brotherhood, because there are things to be learned from all Christians, the Orthodox, the Roman Catholic, the Protestants, the non-denomination fundamentalists, and so on…and we need places that will accept our money.

The Orthodox Sunday school teachers sent my kids home with their Lenten boxes:

“Children, children. Listen, children. This is serious. These boxes are for our missionaries in other countries to help our brothers and sisters of the world. In this time of Lent, we are to give and so let us be generous. Take a box home and before each meal, remember to put something in the box. No pennies. Put a dollar bill, or quarters, dimes, nickels, but no pennies. Okay?”

Then my kids go to AWANA and they hear:

“Okay kids! Settle down! We have a goal to help our missionaries in Africa. Listen up because we have a fun game for you. Are you ready to have fun? I SAID, ARE YOU READY TO HAVE FUN? That’s better…let’s split into two groups – the boys team and the girls team. Each team will have a jar and the team that fills their jar the highest with pennies by the end of March will win. Each week, remember to bring pennies for your team’s jar. Good luck! But even if you don’t win, remember, we are still winners in God’s eyes. So, bring your pennies! And here’s a tip: twenty-five pennies take up more space then one quarter. Bring your pennies – Okay?”

It’s good to be ecumenical because then we can fill in the gaps for each other.

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