How Not to Argue

Thank God Hex did not try his hand at law. If he did I would have to spend my time foraging the parks and sidewalks for dandelions for our daily meals – he is no good at arguing a case.

Just two minutes ago he told the kids to run up to the second floor of the barn, look out one of the windows and wave hi to him. They did and then he told them that they can play up there.

“Oh no they can’t!‘ I objected.

“Why not?”

“You can’t trust kids to play by themselves up there. There’s all sorts of things that they can get into – they’ll kill themselves or each other.”

“They won’t do such things!”

“Do you NOT know your kids?”

“They will be fine.”

“You put too much faith in letting the kids play unsupervised and taking care of themselves.”

“ALEXIS! WHEN I GREW UP, I PLAYED IN OUR NEIGHBOR’S BARN ALL ALONE!…until my Daddy burned down their barn…hee hee hee.

Ladies and Gentlemen you be the jury.

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