No One Wiser

There’s never a person so wise as Hex. He has said that the best way to end all discussions is either invoke Hitler or the planet Uranus.

It doesn’t matter the topic of discussion. From the heavy and heady to the light and silly, accuse anyone of being like Hitler and all fun dies. Here’s an example:

“Spaghetti should be served with noodles mixed in with the sauce.”

“No, serve the sauce separate from the noodles so that people can serve themselves to their preference.”

“I disagree. The noodles soaked in the sauce will give an even flavor.”

“But, what about people who like less or more sauce with their pasta? Just let people decide for themselves.”

“Look, democracy is great for ruling a country but when it comes to dinner, that would be chaos.”

“What’s wrong with just serving two separate plates of pasta and sauce. You make life so hard.”

“Having two separate plates would ruin the presentation – you couldn’t garnish the dish with cilantro or parsley. YOU make life HARDER!”

“OH, OH, OH! It’s just like you and Hitler to hate democracy and to care so much about looks!”

And what about the planet Uranus? How often does that planet get in a discussion to kill it? Try this:

“Hey Mac! Who did you vote for?


”Why Bush?“

”He’s a good man, leading the country well, keeping terrorists out of our country, lowering our…

“Whoa! Wait a minute! Who said Bush is keeping terrorists out of our country – we already have terrorists in the country! Look at Timmothy McVeigh!”

“Will you let me finish? …he’s upholding our Christian faith and bring back prayer to schools…”

“That’s crap! That’s just promises. Bush can’t bring back prayer to our schools, he doesn’t have the authority to just do that. The constitution protects…”

“Will you just let me finish?!?!”

“NO! Because you don’t know squat! Where do you get your information?”


* See how it works?

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