Testing one, two…

Here’s a fun language skills test for ya’ll out there. I made it up so it might be English or Vietnamese.

Guess what this phrase means and in which language it is in: Willwee WEEwishes !

If you don’t know the answers, then you don’t know how to talk love in English.

And if you are a parent and don’t know, then it’s obvious that you haven’t dabbed in baby talk.

And if you do understand this yubby-gubby talk, then congratulations! You must be a parent, who clearly is not afraid to be silly.

Go ahead, toss away all higher level of learning, forget all the rules of speech and grammar. Just look at the baby and blabber sweet nothingness. Of course, all that silly baby talk is not just “sweet nothingness” but more like the honey of bonding. (Trust me, there’s nothing more gratifying to me than repeatedly saying “Hi!” to my baby and then waiting for her to responding with “Ai!”)

(Word of caution: there comes a point though, that proper speech be introduced or you might find your child asking “May I puhhhhhwweezzzzze have some fwizes for dinner?” when he/she is old enough to drive.)

So feel free to talk to your baby and tell him or her how much you wuvvvvve them and how they are soooooo pre-e-e-e-CIOUS!

Possible answers: Lily Delicious or Really Delicious, Silly Delicious, etc…

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