Poo-poo shy

Lily is now over a month old and she is just the cutest little baby – as all babies are. We love her, fight over her, and can’t get enough of her…until she poops.

Sure, the crowd laughs and applause the gastronomical noises but no seems to be around for the changing of the diapers. When I ask for help, the question is always, “Is there poop in it?” Or when I need assistance in disposing of a dirty diaper – we never throw the clean ones away – even the beggars are choosy. “I don’t want to throw away ANY diapers with poop in it” declare the children.

For all the fuss, I think it’s down right shameful. I can’t think of a better time to enjoy changing diapers. Lily is only breastfed right now so her poops are the distinctively sweet smelling kind. Better it enjoy folks, I say, because once solids are introduced the real stinkers are coming.

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