Breaking the mold

Bionic Baby is O-U-T out!

What can I say except: Thank the LORD! And on a Saturday too!

Lily Tuyet is a big baby by my standards. She is nearly a pound and a half more than Violet was at birth, and Violet was the previous biggest baby. And a pound and a half is nothing to sneeze at. Anyways, Lily was/is big.

Birthing is theatre and spot lights. It’s one big performance with the stage director (doctor) coming in every-so-often with “are you ready?”, “I’m timing you” and then disappearing. Meanwhile, the assistants and supporting casts hop around getting the props and stage prepared: fill out the repeatative paperwork, lay out the equipments, prepare the star and rehearse the script. Then someone recalls in a whisper: financing will come down to the wire – they haven’t admitted her yet.

Will the show continue? It must because the baby is coming!

Everyone is waiting on Prima Donna to perform and make magic. But it’s hard when stage fright includes big time cramping, a horde of people coaching “push, push, puuuuuuuuuuuushhhhhhhhh. HOLD! HOLD! HOLD!” “Push-hold. A little more-HOLD!”


Then the director comes in: “Are WE ready yet?”

Asisstant: “We don’t really need you…but come on in.”

all together now: “One last push, push, push, puuuuuuuuussssh – HOLD!

Director pulls the baby out, declares a successful show, and takes a bow.

Stage hand runs up with good news: “Yes, they finally admitted her.” Hooray, someone will pay for this show. Prima Donna gets a bracelet, and the headliner reads: A NEW STAR IS BORN!

APPLAUSE! SIMPLY MARVELOUS! (Too bad this can’t be more of a muscial.)

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