Underwear weather

The time is almost 2pm and the temperature is reaching the high of 35 degrees. It is warm – no joking here. The sun is shining in full glory and the melting snow is sparing us another round of shoveling snow. (Compared to our diligent neighbors, we are making ourselves out to be the trashy southerners that are allowing snow to pile up everywhere.)

A couple days ago we had temperatures of 5 degrees and the difference of a 30 degree leap is amazing. And the forcast for the next several days are rosy. Temps here will get in the upper 30s, and maybe, just maybe, be up to a promising 40 degree.

I am obsessed with this cold issue. And I am waiting for what I call “underwear weather”. Underwear weather is 55 degrees or above.

Should I explain? Nawww, ya’ll can guess.

Three hints: it involves a U.S highway, a 9-1-1 call, and a vehicular chase.

This didn’t make national headlines. Few people know about this. And its all true.

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