Fleece Navidad

It seems cold here in Paradise, well, at least to me. People here take it in stride and just stay in their homes and avoid smiling, if they can. (I found that trying to smile in such dern cold weather just about guarantees cracked lips and a tight grimace that barely passes for anything close to being friendly.)

I am not made for this weather. I told Hex years ago, that a hothead like me, born and raised in southern warm can not survive the northern climate. Well we shall see. I was shivering this summer as we endured 75 degree chills, and now I am freezing and bracing myself everyday for the onslaught of freezing temp this fall. And I see cheerful forcasts of me dead with cold for when “the real” cold comes.
Hopefully Santa will bring me that woodburning stove that primal instincts tell me that we will need.

And as much as I fear for my fate, I fear more for my skinny, unconcerned children. My kids seem to think nothing of the cold when they should be concerned. I don’t know how many thankless times I have had to remind them to put on a coat, zip up, and KEEP THE COAT ON!

For a while, my kids were stubbornly clinging onto their old, flimsy clothing that was New Orleans’ summer time fare. Well, like those secret switches in fine restaurants, I too have been secretly switching their clothes for Foldger’s coffee. And sure enough they can’t tell the difference. Just kidding.

I have been secretly taking out summer clothes and stealthily purchasing warm clothes for them as weekly surprises. And they don’t even realize or miss anything. Now, we all can understand how all our childhood items “mysteriously” faded from us without us realizing it.

At first I bought cotton and burlap – we are on a smaller budget than in New Orleans. But with Hex’s recent boost in small income, I feel more free to splurge and buy wool and fleece.

I buy wool for myself, because I value quality. For the kids, I buy fleece, fleece, fleece. Fleece is so much easier to handle, being very light and warm. Ginger and Basil have enough fleece pants and fleece in their coats and other garments that I can feel at ease when they leave the house to go to school. And fleece is warm, warmer than just cotton pants, and better than just jeans.

Now, I have to find time to go shopping for Hex and get him some fleece pants for when he bikes. I recently purchases thermal wool socks for him so he should be okay for at least this week. Friday is Christmas eve and he has the day off, so I plan to shop most of the day. ( I guess I am announcing my Friday plans now.)

With Christmas only days away, I would like to wish all my subscribers, readers – you Hex – a warm winter. Fleece Navidad!

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